"Without a certain attitude... information itself is of little value. It is what we do with what we know that matters..." -James Krenov

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A bit of me.

  For the past couple years I followed my passions for music and had a phenomenal time doing so. My initial intentions were heading me in a direction to work in Music Production but I realized there was a problem. I knew to many musicians that were at a point where they had no escape from life because what was once their escape was now their job. I did not want to lose that passion I have for music by making it my nine to five. So I started thinking about other life careers that I could do and still live a happy life. Another thing, I did not want a 5 year career I wanted a lifetime career. As time passed I became more and more interested in woodworking but more so for the fine woodworking. I did not want to be a Machinist I wanted to be a Craftsmen and that is what I started with. With that in mind I started searching for places to learn and acquire the skills to be a Craftsmen. To be honest it did not take me to long to find a suitable school. I have always wanted to visit British Columbia and so I quite literally typed "fine wood working school in British Columbia" (grammar and all) into Google. This is what came up, http://www.insidepassage.ca/news.htm. So I went for a visit and after some self debating I decided to go for it. The one thing that made me know that this was the school was just the few words "hand cut dovetails". As soon as I saw that I was, lack of better words, stoked because I had been wanting to learn how to do that. The plunge was then taken, semi head first with a touch of belly flop. I packed my things and headed out to school on the other side of the country. Everything I owned was on my body.
  I have been taking the course for the past couple months now and must say my mind has gone through a lot but a lot for the good. I am happy to say that I have a lifetime career.